Located on the slopes of beautiful A-Cha Mountain overlooking the Han River, the 16-acre campus was given as a gift from the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. The present campus consists of the chapel, the main administrative building, Center for World Mission, Main Lecture Hall, four dormitories, Music Hall, and Luce Center for the Global Church.

Main Lecture Hall (Ju Gi-Cheul Memorial Building) was completed in September 2004. It was constructed by offerings from churches under the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK). This building includes classrooms, a language laboratory, and a speech studio.

Center for World Mission was opened in February 1986. This building provides seminar rooms and dormitory facilities for international students, Korean pastors enrolled in continuing education, guest professors from abroad, and Korean missionaries on furlough.

In addition to Shattuck Student Center, a men’s dormitory and a new women's dormitory with offices and classrooms were added in July 1987.

Two new dormitories were built in 1994. In 1999, the new administrative building-Samuel Moffett Memorial Building-and Kyung-Chik Han Memorial Chapel were built, as well as additional dormitories, Music Hall, and Sang-Jo Lee Memorial Library. Most recently, Luce Center for the Global Church was built in May 2001.

Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary is located in the east section of Seoul. If you are driving from the airport, which is to the west of the city, proceed east on the Olympic Highway. Turn left onto the Olympic Bridge and go over the Han River. Turn right onto Kwangnarutgil, and continue to the main entrance of the seminary. The admission office is in Samuel Moffett Memorial Building.

Kyung-Chik Han
Memorial Chapel
Samuel Austin Moffett Memorial Building Sang-Jo Lee Memorial Library So yang Ju Gi-Cheul Momorial Building
Center for World
Elim Hall Women’s Hall Somang Hall
Myungsung Hall Shattuck Student
PCKW Memorial
Music Hall
Luce Center for the Global Church
Women’s Education
En Gedi, Sonam Yong-
Woo Shin Memorial
Rodem, Younggye
Sun-Joo Gil Memorial
Grave of Samuel Austin Moffett

Directions to Gwangnaroo Campus

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Theological Seminary
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